Black Forest Gateau

The Black Forest Gateau is made for special moments. It is baked from the freshest ingredients and decorated with fresh cherries or strawberries.

Regular Price: BDT. 2530 /- Per KG
Promotional Price: BDT. 2300 /- Per KG

Cheese Cake

Our custom made cheese cake is both creamy and delicious. It is a source of constant delight, perfect for any celebration.

Regular Price: BDT. 3750 /- Per KG
Promotional Price: BDT. 3500 /- Per KG

Chocolate Ganache

The Chocolate Ganache is a combination of chocolate and cream. This luxurious cake is perfect for any chocolate lover.

Regular Price: BDT. 2214 /- Per KG
Promotional Price: BDT. 2000 /- Per KG

Cakes with designs

Our custom design cakes are made for all occasions. Be it a class party, a birthday party or a baby shower, you will always be delighted with our custom design cakes.

Regular Price: BDT. 3479 /- Per KG
Promotional Price: BDT. 3100 /- Per KG