Health and safety measures maintained at Royal Park Residence Hotel

Article By Raihana Karim - Astute Horse , On April 30, 2020

In Bangladesh, the number of COVID-19 patients are increasing everyday. During this pandemic maintaining health and hygienic standards and staying safe from the virus is crucial for everyone. Staying at home is the only way to stop spreading the virus. Unable to dine out consumers seek restaurants that deliver. Yet, they remain apprehensive.

COVID-19 creates insecurity in the consumers mind from ordering food online. Royal Park Residence Hotel understandseveryone’s insecurity. Keeping that in mind we have taken maximum precautions to avoid any infection to our guests and staff. We have also taken necessary steps in our kitchen to deliver you the safest food possible.

We are using infrared thermometer to monitor the temperature of every guests and staff members who enter the hotel. We maintain a chart to record the temperature of each and every person who is entering the hotel. Currently, we have only 3 guests who are staying with us. They are safe and sound in the hotel.

We also maintain daily temperature chart for our skeleton staff. If their temperature is high, we will instantly send them home.The skeleton staffs are not allowed to go out for 14-21 days and their food and accommodation are provided within the hotel. Wearing masks and gloves within the hotel premises is mandatory for all the staff members.Hand washing practice is done frequently and it is applicable for all the staffs.

We have placed hand sanitizers in most places in the hotel for convenience and better reach. We are disinfecting the hotel daily for further precaution. Coming to our kitchen, all the staffs wear masks and gloves while preparing your food. The raw fruits and vegetable are being disinfected outside the hotel premises and then they are brought to the kitchen. We are using special disinfectant named “Suma Tab” to clean our vegetables and fruits properly.


We would like to stay at home safe and sound and let us bring your favourite food to your doorstep. We have taken all the precautions just to ensure the safety. At present, we just need to stick together to tackle the situation. Stay home, stay safe and order your food!

We offer various iftar items as well as delicious items from our a la carte menu.