Sri Lankan Cuisine – & its history of origin

Article By Omar Zareef - Astute Horse , On April 16, 2019

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a growing Asian hotspot for travellers and business people alike. It is dotted with many world heritage sites, pristine beaches, and is rich in multi-culture with welcoming people. Sri Lanka is also famous for having distinctly different South Asian cuisines. The land of rice and curry, this island nation offers distinctive flavours due to the use of local ingredients such as coconut milk, coriander, saffron and so much more. The hoppers are yet another distinctive part of the Sri Lankan cuisine.

Sri Lankan cuisine has a long history. They have been moulded by many historical, cultural and ethnic groups over the years. Its cuisines are a blend of tropical fruits, sea food and an abundance of spices giving it a myriad of flavours for the taste buds to relish. The influence of various spices used in its cuisine is a result of the country’s history as a spice producer and trading post over several centuries. Today some of the staple of Sri Lankan cuisine is rice, coconut and spices.

Sri Lanka was part of the spice trade route between historical civilizations in Asia, Northeast Africa and Europe. These spices found their way to the Middle East before the Christian era. The true sources of the spices were withheld by the traders and associated with fantastic tales.

Over the centuries various nations controlled the sea routes and thus the spice trade route. During the first millennium, the sea routes to Sri Lanka and India were controlled by the Ethopians. By mid 7th century AD Arab traders dominated the maritime routes.

It is believed that rice was cultivated in the Indian subcontinent as far back as 5000 BC and is now a staple of Sri Lankan cuisine. Rice dishes in Sri Lanka comes in many varieties from Kuruluthuda a type of red rice to suwandel a type of fragrance rice used in cultural and religious ceremonies. If you happen to stay at Royal Park Residence Hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh you are definitely going to enjoy these authentic Sri Lankan cuisines.

Some of the cuisine you shouldn’t miss for a truly Sri Lankan culinary delight for your taste buds.

Authentic Sri Lankan cuisines are unique and exotic in nature. They have been influenced by western colonizers as well as by Indian and Arab traders. Sri Lanka is a very fertile land with abundant tropical fruits, spices and vegetables all of which are essential ingredients in Sri Lankan cuisines.

The cuisines are a blend of Indian, English, Dutch, Arab, Malay and many other cultures. These multiple influences over the centuries has created a very distinctive type of cuisine that stands apart from other cuisines available in the Indian subcontinent.

Sri Lankan dishes are cooked differently in different regions of the country. In northern regions of Sri Lanka, dishes have distinctive south Indian flavours whereas in the southern regions where there is plenty of fishing villages, sea food dishes appear more prominently.

Sri Lankan food explodes with distinctive flavours both hot and mild. If you are looking for an authentic Sri Lanka experience in Dhaka, you should look no further than Royal Park Residence where you can enjoy many different curry concoctions and mouth-watering dishes.

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